Aluta Continua: Shatta Wale And Pope Skinny At Each Other’s Throat

What seems like an unbreakable friendship and a show of brotherly love between Shatta Wale and Pope Skinny is on the brink or ending if it has not ended already. For some, it may be another hype-seeking agenda or a way promoting an upcoming song.

Whatever your stance is  on the ensuing allegations been levelled against each other between the two ‘friends’, you can be sure that some serious things have been said and top secrets have been divulged.

Pope Skinny angered his ‘friend’ when he released a song titled “Ochokobila-Skin-Pain” that seems to be directed at Shatta Wale. The phrase “skin-pain” was repeated some 17 times in the 3mins 17secs long diss song.

Maybe someone was hating or another was just expecting too  much. Whatever may have led to this fall-out, It was the Pope Skinny who came out to defend Shatta Wale and also claim that getting BJ is a usual thing for them, when the latter posted a video on his snap last year showing a lady ‘blowing the banana of 2 guys’.

Shatta Wale on his part is yet to directly reply with a diss song as he is known to have done in the past. He has taken to his personal Snapchat account to also take a shot at his ‘friend’ Pope Skinny.

He has levelled all sorts of allegations including the crime of rape in Canada against Pope and Pope on his part has said all things against his friend including alleging that Shatta uses Cocaine.

We are not here to give value judgement and definitely can’t tell what started the altercations between the two. We are only bringing you some of the allegations from both parties and make a sense if any at all from it.

These are some of the screenshots from Wale’s snapchat…