Anyone Who Smokes Wee Without A Reason Is Unwise-Blakk Rasta

Inspire of his fight in ensuring the legalization of wee based on its benefits, Reggae artiste and radio presenter, Blakk Rasta has stated that anyone who smokes wee without any reason is unwise and sees such a thing as foolishness.

“Anything you do without a reason is foolishness. You must know exactly what you’re getting yourself in. Nothing should ever be pursued without a reason”.

Blakk Rasta also noted that in as much as no condition is permanent, he would only smoke wee if his health condition requires so based on a diagnosis by some qualified health personnel.

” No condition is permanent. If my health condition requires me to smoke as duly diagnosed by a qualified health, I might just smoke. For now, smoking is not part of my agenda after 43years of not smoking anything “.