Ashes Spends Zylofon Music Kumi Guitar’s Promotional Cash ?

Highlife musician Kumi Guitar in recent times has “fallen out of love” with his manager Nana Poku Ashes. News late 2018 circulated to the effect that, Kumi Guitar and Ashes could not even stay in one room for a minute for want of a better word. The reason for this got most of the high life musician’s fans worried. Knowing how instrumental a role Ashes has played in building the career of the musician, this definitely was not the best.

Kumi Guitar also known as “Highlife Martin Luta-King” let the “cat out of the bag” finally in an interview with an Accra-based radio station. According to Kumi Guitar, he does not recollect offending his manager. However, some issues relating to money could be the reason he suspects for the recent feud.

Kumi went on further to state that, his “Konkonsa” single released in 2018 did not really do well because money meant for promotion was not well used. When asked by Sammy flex who interviewed the musician on Showbiz Agenda on how much was involved, Kumi initially declined to answer. But a panelist on the show whispered 38,000 cedis which Kumi corroborated adding it was even more than.

Kumi further stated that, he did not necessarily want accountability on how the money was used but just wanted the work to be done. I can then advisedly deduce that; a poor work was done promotional wise.

In an interesting twist of events, the manager in the middle of all the allegation, has decline severally to comment on the issue. Nana Poku Ashes during a radio interview on another Accra based radio station severally refused to go into details of the cash misappropriation. Ashes added that, him commenting had the potential of bringing down the artiste career since there was more than meets the eye.

Well could it be that Kumi Guitar is an ungrateful artiste since some few years ago he fell off the Slip music label owned by Mark Okuraku Mantey even before a grand take off musically? Maybe it might be a case of artiste manager trying to rip off his artiste.

A brief background shows that the cash in question was given by Zylofon music under whose label Kumi Guitar is on.  The money was given to Ashes who was managing the artiste to use in supporting promotion. Anyone following entertainment in Ghana in recent times knows about the hard times Zylofon music is going through now financially and every cash available should be religiously utilized.