Bad News!!!! National Theatre Is A Showbiz ‘’Oven’’ And Must Be Shut Down

It’s the expectation of anyone who attends an event to feel comfortable and enjoy the event but unfortunately, patrons who were present at Becca@10 Unveiled Concert were denied their comfort.

Patrons at the concert did not have any other option than to stay in the auditorium of the National Theatre which was very hot and uncomfortable; for which reason I have tagged it as the Showbiz ‘’Oven’’.

It seems obvious that the air-conditioners in the auditorium of the National Theatre do not work at all or do not work well and it’s quite unfortunate that patrons had to stay in the auditorium for about six hours or more and be treated like loaves of bread in an oven.

As a matter of urgency, the management of National Theatre need to ensure that the air-conditioners are fixed so that any person who buys a ticket to attend an event there would have value for money rather than being subjected to an uncomfortable environment.

Find below some of the comments made by some industry players on the issue: