Bandex Responds To Quarme Zaggy! ‘’You Are Not A Member of GHAMRO So Don’t Expect Any Royalties …

The First Vice Chairman of the Ghana Music Rights Organization, Ahmed Banda popularly known as Bandexhas stated emphatically that highlife artiste, Quarme Zaggy is not a member of GHAMRO.

This was in response to an earlier story published on attributed to Quarme Zaggy who said ever since he registered to be a member of GHAMRO about seven years, he has never even received 50 pesewas as royalties.

According to Bandex, Quarme Zaggy may have registered during the era of COSGA and even upon going through records of COSGA, Quarme Zaggy’s details were not sighted and as such he cannot hold himself to have registered as a member of COSGA let alone GHAMRO which was only instituted five years ago.