Barima Sidney To Become Liberian Citizen If George Weah Becomes President Of Liberia? Barima Sidney Comments On Issue

A reliable source (name withheld) within the camp of the Political and Controversial hiplife artiste, Barima Sidney, has indicated to that it is very likely that the ‘’Scent No’’ and ‘’Apuskeleke’’ hitmaker would naturalize and become a citizen of Liberia if former soccer player, George Weah is elected as President of Liberia.

This is due to the fact that, over so many years, Barima Sidney has had a personal relationship with George Weah and has been an integral part of George Weah’s Presidential Campaign since 2004 as he has been composing his campaign songs for him. Barima Sidney’s ‘’African Money’’ is said to have also done so much magic for George Weah in his quest to become President of Liberia.

In an exclusive interview to find out if indeed he is contemplating on becoming a citizen of Liberia if George Weah wins the Presidential Elections in Liberia, Barima Sidney noted that the rumours are unfounded as he has no intention of doing so.

Listen to exactly what Barima Sidney said: