Bullet And Late Ebony’s Dad…Is There A Setting Up To Fail? Cool Heads Must Prevail.

Her name Ebony Reigns, suggests that even in her demise, she still reigns indeed. However, I do believe the reigning bit will not be one she will currently be proud of. Ebony hit the Ghanaian music scene some three years ago and before we could realize, she became the Artiste of the year.  A great feat even male artistes for years did and will not be able to achieve. May her soul rest in peace.

But just this week issues unfolding after her demise where her father and Record Label CEO, Bullet is concerned is not the best. The media banter yet to fully blow up I humbly suggest should be resolved behind closed doors. Nana Poku Kwarteng who happens to be Ebony’s father has made claims of Bullet keeping a greater portion of proceeds realized after her tribute concert. However, the reasons below I think should inform Bullet to hold in-camera discussion to quickly settle issues going forward.

Bullet some few months ago outdoored a new female artiste by name Wendy Shay. Accompanied with a great video ,the song titled Uber driver, days after released had over one thousand views on You Tube. Wendy Shay who happens to be Bullet’s new signee, is currently doing well and should rather be given all the attention to help her build her career.

What I think Bullet might be forgetting is that while he is currently engaging the late Ebony’s father in various claims, the family of Wendy are observing. They are making their notes for tomorrow barring any disagreement their child might have with Bullet in the future. He should use events unfolding today to write a good resume for life so far as managing artistes is concerned.

I am not speaking on authority, but probably, Ebony might have told her dad something Bullet did or did not do which might be serving as an “energy booster” for the dad to make the claims he is alluding to.

Bullet should sit the father down and talk things out  till an agreement is reached. If Bullet cares to know, Mr. Kwarteng could be one of his greatest referee as far as an artiste-parent endorsement is concerned going into the future. “Fighting” the father of your late artiste in the Ghanaian context will only mean disrespect to the elderly.

Earlier this week, the press release by Ruff Town Records handing all yet-to-be released works of Ebony over to the father, was not in good taste. Obviously, Mr.Kwarteng, wants clarity on issues bothering his mind and coupled with the loss of his daughter, Bullet can only massage issues gently all the way through.

Issues relating to contract details, income percentages, royalties splitting, tribute concert income and other related issues the media might not be preview to should all be resolved quietly. If Bullet wants to go the full hall with the music business he needs to handle these issues very professionally.

Bullet, Ruff remember your blue print as artiste manager is in the making.

Mr.Kwarteng should cease fire and stop granting media interviews. He should rather engage parties involved with issues bothering his mind since really, the media will only increase their ratings to his disadvantage eventually.

Cool heads might prevail!!!!!!