Exclusive: Secret Behind Nkasei Non-Existence Exposed

Right after the Hiplife duo, Nkasei had released the nationwide hit song titled ” yefri tuobodom’‘, many were those who thought the duo would continue to release more hit songs. Ironically, the duo has ceased to exist ever since.

Speaking to showbizpunch. com in an exclusive interview, a member of the Nkasei ,Naa Kay has revealed that the nonexistence of the music duo can be attributed to the fact that at a point in time, just like his partner Shyy, he had his personal aspirations and objectives that were not in line with the objectives of Nkasei.

At that time, he wanted a change in career so left to the UK where he joined the Army for seven years; fours years working in UK and three years in Germany before returning to the UK to settle down with his family.

According to Naa Kay, his encounter with God as well as his salvation also contributed to the nonexistence of Nkasei.

Naa Kay also noted that even though he is a new creature in Christ, he feels indifferent about the kinds of songs he did as part of Nkasei as he believes all that was the plan of God and a process well-planned by God to lead him into Gospel music eventually.

Currently, he has three singles to his credit, namely; ‘:aseda ka”,aben be bom” and “Lord save our souls” which would be promoted in Ghana soon by Spirit-Filled Ink Records. He featured Reggie and Bollie.

He advised that all artistes should focus on Jesus Christ and have a solid foundation in Christ.