Fresh Hit ! Blakk Rasta Drops ‘Agyanka Ba’

Ghana’s Kuchoko Legend, Blakk Rasta drops a follow up to his hit single, Serwaa Akoto on June 1.

The legendary radio presenter cum musician christens this new joint, Agyanka Ba which translates from the Twi as The Orphan.

This is the last single from the 32 track, legendary album that the artiste will release in America on 2nd September, 2019.

The joint was produced by Zapp Mallet and it is worth listening to. It has a sweet chord progression coupled with the Kwao guitar style authenticating the song as a Kuchoko piece.

Kuchoko is Blakk Rasta’s innovation of fusing Reggae music with indigenous African sounds.

Agyanka Ba is an instant hit. It has all it takes to reach the top. It is emotional and soothing as it wears on. It is an ode to orphans the world over. Blakk Rasta’s singing and poetry on this crown the totality of a great song.