Gospel Artiste, Nii Soul, Describes Secular Music As Evil

Young and Urban Gospel artiste, Nii Soul has disclosed to showbizpunch.com that any secular music that does not glorify God in any way or makes anyone love the things of the devil is not of God but evil.

He recounted that when he was a secular artiste, all that he cared about was money and fame and noted that, that is a selfish behavior and he would never go back to such a life. Nii Soul also noted that he can never go back to do secular music as his experience with Gospel music has so far been very beautiful and an experience he has never had before.

‘’ Anything that does not glorify God or makes your brother or sister love the things of the devil isn’t of God, thus evil. So it’s even bigger than music. It’s about the things we do as human beings.

Well, being a secular artiste, all we cared about was money and fame. And this selfish behavior is something I would never want to go back to’’.

According to Nii Soul, Gospel music is the only thing that he would enjoy doing and be blessed physically and spiritually as a result adding that Gospel music is not a genre of music but a ministry. He sees Gospel music as a medium through which he can serve his father in Heaven in the best way possible and sees that as an opportunity given to him by the Spirit of God.

Talking about his career as a Gospel artiste so far, Nii Soul noted that his highest point is the realization that there is more to his gift than just singing as he is able to write great and inspiring songs, produce and engineer some of the craziest sounds.

He does not in any way regret doing music as that would mean he regrets his existence in this world but revealed that he probably would have concentrated on Fine Arts if he had not done music.