“Gotham City’s ” Robert Kelly ?

My memories of music in the 90’s was always eclectic even till date. This was solely because I grew up on the music produced by Robert Sylvester Kelly. A lot of his songs endeared me to him album after album especially the song “Gotham city”.

I stand to be corrected, but the lyrics was largely descriptive of how we all need a world of peace, justice and above all love. You just try playing Gotham City in big speakers and you will appreciate what good music is all about.

Clarity in Robert’s voice, instrument arrangements and note syncopation will definitely get you hitting the repeat button. For me Robert Kelly is the world’s greatest when it comes to music just because he produced hit after hit. Even when he wrote songs for other musicians like Celine Dion, he still went out of his way to bless the song with his very distinct voice.

I remember his first album I bought was TP-2.com which was his fourth solo album released on November 7, 2000 by Jive Records. My favorites on that album were “I don’t mean it”, “Fiesta”, “One Me”, “I wish”, “A woman’s threat”, “The storm is over”. In fact, the whole album was dope.

But these past few weeks have left me really in a trance for want of a better word. The reason being that a recent documentary, titled “surviving R. Kelly” has claims from various women that he “sexually abused” them. I won’t go into the claims but for me it only goes to prove that caution indeed is needed in all human endeavors.

I am not by any means suggesting I am an angel but whatever be the outcome of the case(s), his talent should not be touched. The laurels and accolades he has earned over the years only goes to inspire budding musicians to aim for greatness.

For me personally, Robert Kelly embodies the knowledge of music. He is a phenomenal singer, a great songwriter, record producer and a great performer too. No wonder some industry people call him “Pied Piper”.

Robert Kelly started active music since 1989 till present. He has written songs for Micheal Jackson (you are not alone) and collaborated with Jay Z to release albums. He is listed by Billboard as the most successful R&B artist in history for the last 25years. For me he is just the world’s greatest musician.