Kiyo Dee Kick-Starts Chitline Circuit Soundworm Tour

Last week Friday, 8th March witnessed the maiden edition of the CHITLIN Circuit Soundworm  Tour and it was indeed a night to remember.

The night saw a lot of HIPHOP fans from work, school coming to witness the event alongside the various coffee and music lovers who probably just came for their hot cup of coffee but ended up enjoying the show with us.

The program which started at 7pm saw great live performances from Trap Hiphop Acts like KevTheTopic & Grenade, Jxhn Hill, Riley and the Main Act for the Night Kiyo Dee who performed throughout the entire 3hours.

Speaking to Kiyo after the program, he said he was very grateful to the Artistes who came to support him and also his friends and fans who also came to witness the performances.

The Management of Vida E Caffe they said they were very impressed with Kiyo and would love to have him perform there every weekend since the atmosphere really appreciated his style of music.

The manager for Kiyo, Mr Agyepong hinted that they have reached a 3-months deal with Vida E Caffe and therefore would be performing at many of their branches every 2weeks.

Customers and fans would only need to look out for the schedule on any of Kiyo’s social media handles @kiyodeemusic and at any Vidda e cafe desk…

Some Patrons were really happy and promised to start their Friday nights with a hot coffee preferable Latte and watch Kiyo’s performances before moving to the Night Clubs to chill the night away.