KMJ Exposes His Wish Of Hosting The VGMAs

Former Host of Daybreak Hits on hits 103.9fm,KMJ, has disclosed to in an exclusive interview that he aims to host very prestigious events and one of his greatest wishes is to host the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards.

When asked why he would want to host the prestigious and greatest awards scheme in the music industry, KMJ stated that the VGMAs is a huge platform and every hardworking host deserves an opportunity to host the event adding that he is of the belief that the VGMAs needs him too because he has what it takes to drive the VGMAs.

“I have everything. Charm, confidence, eloquence, delivery, humor, style and the power to drive it”.

KMJ also noted that he needs not lobby to host the VGMAs but believes he would get the opportunity to host the event through the most fascinating way. Commenting on how prepared and ready to host the VGMAs, this is what KMJ had to say:

” Why not? What the mind conceives and believes in, it achieves it. It’s just hardworking. The question is, are the organizers and the people ready to experience an unforgettable night? Lol