Kontihene Shows His Music Prowess With ‘’Di’’

On normal basis, people are advised to not to spend all the money they have but endeavor to save some in case of any uncertainty. However, hip life superstar, Kontihene has a different philosophy all together and this is projected in a new single titled ‘’Di’’ which has been released.

‘’Di’’ is a typical party song which has the kind of instrumentation that would move any music lover to the dance floor. The instrumentation is very infectious and has a way of engaging the attention of anyone who listens to it. In the song, Kontihene advises that anyone who works hard and gets some cash should enjoy the fruits of his or her labor because when death sets in, that person’s cash would be spent by someone else.

Trust me, you would love this new song from Kontihene and take it from me, Kontihene is back!!!!!!! ‘’Di’’ is a great hit song and would form an integral part of your playlist without any doubt.

Watch the ‘’Di’ Video below: