Kumi Guitar Drops ‘Boniayefo’ After NAM1’s Arrival In Ghana

Without any doubt ,Zylofom Music’s Kumi Guitar is an asset so far as highlife music in Ghana is concerned .

Even though he may have seemed silent for a while , Kumi Guitar  is re-energised with a new wave of  strength as a result of the arrival of his bossom friend and Label boss,NAM1 of Menzgold, into the country after spending over six months  in Police custody in Dubai.

This is based on the fact that he has released a new single titled ‘Boniayefo’ produced by Sevensnare.

The song talks about how ungrateful some people have been to NAM1 despite all the good things he has done in the country.

The song is really inspiring and can easily make one shed tears for NAM1 for all that he is going through at the moment.

You need to listen to listen to ‘Boniayefo’ because its a masterpiece of a song by all standards. When everything goes on well with NAM1 , this song can also serve as a victory song.

Kumi Guitar is a gem and this song shows for that.Kudos to him and the best of luck for NAM1.

Listen and Download the song below :