Maaka Maka!!! Some Bloggers Are So Cheap And Unprofessional is a new showbiz website which would seek to provide showbiz news and information to its readers at all times. It’s a fact that even before the arrival of, other websites are already operating but of much concern to me is the way some bloggers who own these websites operate.

Even though its good we have many bloggers operating websites, I must admit that some of these bloggers act so unprofessionally as they execute their work. On different occasions, I have had good reasons to make my opinion known about the way these bloggers operate and the need for them to act professional at all times.

One disgusting thing about some bloggers is their everlasting desire to ‘’copy and paste’’ articles originally worked on by hardworking bloggers and credible websites. They engage in this practice without giving the due credit to the originators of the articles and most annoyingly, these bloggers still make unpardonable mistakes even with the ‘’copy and paste’’. The bottom-line is that it’s a not a crime to use articles from any website or blogger but note that, in doing so, just give the blogger or website the credit due.

Some of these unprofessional bloggers and websites have devised a new approach that they use to the disadvantage of the bloggers and websites who put in so much work to come up with articles in a professional way. This approach was highlighted by Ebenezer Nana Yaw Donkoh of in a Facebook post which reads:

”One thing I find very disrespectful and annoying is when a colleague blogger charges a client a huge sum of money only to think smart, do a PR and email it around for others to publish. This disrespect MUST stop. If you don’t respect the work of your colleagues, who else would?

Don’t think you are smarter dear colleague, we know the works we do for free and on such cases, we are willing to help each other by posting but if you charge a client, do well to pay other bloggers who will be on the project.

If you need a colleague on a project, call him/her and ask how much he charges per post or how much it will cost for an ad on the site, if possible negotiate and present it to which ever client you want to do deal with. With that, we can GROW! Don’t tell the client “Oh, I’ll send it to them and they will publish”.

I might have faltered some time back but let’s be ready to learn. We are our very own enemies. Anyway, there are individuals I work for free so don’t hesitate to publish their materials when I send them, lol. Lemme know who you also work for free and I could help.”

The issue is simple. Why should one blogger or website charge a client an amount of money to publish some stories but then send the same articles to his colleague for publication without giving out a pesewa? Is it not logical that if you need money to keep running your website, your colleague would also have to get a share of the cash to keep his or her website operating too?

When bloggers and websites behave this way, it creates a negative impression for our clients and prospective clients. Does your colleague depend only on air to run his or her website? This kind of attitude will not help in the development of the entertainment industry and its better we put a stop to it.

The painful thing is that, sometimes, some of these unprofessional bloggers and websites make clients lose the respect they have for those who operate within the entertainment because they charge them very low rates. In as much as it does make business-sense to charge exorbitant prices, clients need to be charged realistic prices and not necessarily very low prices as done by the unprofessional bloggers or websites who only think of their ‘’stomachs’’.

Bloggers and entertainment websites need to consider themselves as partners in developing the entertainment industry and as such should try as much as possible to deal with each other in a professional way. Writers and Reporters of newspapers, who also charge huge sums of money from their clients for stories to be worked on but do not declare such monies to their editors or owners of the newspapers, should desist from such practice.