Make Us Cherish,Fearless And Honest – Stonebwoy,Shatta Wale Exude

Events as occurred on the night of the 20th Vodafone Ghana Music Awards will go down forever in the history of Ghana as memorable.

The event was marred by the misunderstanding exhibited on stage by Stonebwoy and Shatta wale. This occurred when Shatta Wale mounted the stage allegedly to congratulate Stonebwoy whiles the latter was picking up an award for Reggae Dancehall artiste.

Stonebwoy who did not agree to this gesture wanted to confront the former and this turned into a nasty brawl.

Although the event as occurred for most people is a dint on their musical career, I have gleaned a few lessons however. These lessons for me are to cherish, to be fearless, and honest in all endeavors.
Let me pick on the cherish and elaborate how it comes to play for me in this contest.

I strongly believe Stonebwoy’s management did not take into account at the crucial moment the effect of their actions on their brand going forward.

Most entertainment pundits believe Shatta Wale has thrived over the years on industry beefs and on that night had nothing to lose.Stonebwoy on the other hand who was seen as a more calmer person had everything to lose and had to take decisive actions.

For me, no excuse of anger or fear will pass for his actions especially his willingness to possess a gun as passed to him by a member of his team. He especially should have cherished the trust reposed in him with the various brand ambassadorial deals he had before acting.

The spare of the moment decision was very crucial. I have decide to cherish all the positive thrives I have so far made in life and protect it dearly.

Again Stonebwoy’s team did not handle the issue well especially the head of management in the person of Blakk Cedi. For me his actions encouraged Stonebwoy to really want to be confrontational.

Blakk Cedi’s first move was a make or break for the team. As part of his managerial role, he had to possess a foresight attitude and in this situation a great deal of calmness. Can you imagine what would have happened if he had decided to whisk his artiste away rather?

Wow, that would have been maturity displayed at its highest level in a situation like that. The story will have being different with all the glory going to team Stonebwoy.

Shatta Wale on the other hand has always been fearless in all he does. As to whether the fearless attitude indeed is what it is also another issue for another day.

However I think it has opened doors for him in many ways. Due to his fearless acts and ability to speak unapologetically even when he needn’t be, some of his fierce critics have chickened out in discussing negative issues concerning him.

This has also emboldened him to do the unlikely things which has eventually grown his fan base I believe. The ability to be fearless and get what is due one, I think I have adopted from Shatta Wale.

The finally point will rest on honesty. I think Stonebwoy at a point in his life, even before the day of the event had come to a decision to confront Shatta on all the various troubles he had given him over the years.

So when the opportunity presented itself on the 18th of May, 2019, Stonebwoy did not take a minute to analyze a few pointers. These are was the place, time, situation, emotions rife to warrant such an outburst as he exhibited? Well for me he was honest to let the world know he had had enough of Shatta’s issues and was ready to confront him head on.

However I agree with all those who say Stonebwoy was using a sledge hammer to kill an ant. The time was simply wrong.

However the honesty exhibited by both parties was worth taken note of. Shatta just had to seize the moment there and then and in all honesty, express his disagreement with award been handed over to Stonebwoy.

His music rival Stonebwoy also honestly had to let the world know enough of Shatta Wale’s harassment.