The Misery Of Ghana’s Creative Arts Industry

Ghana’s Creative Arts industry is one of the biggest and well recognized industries in Africa due to our great history and impact in Africa but the industry is not getting to where we wish to see it as creative people because of our attitude and behavior.

Most people in the industry always blame government for poor attention to the industry and share many other concerns which to me is of no need to talk about on radio and television all the time.We rather need to take action for such problems facing the creative industry.

As an industry observer ,one thing I have seen in our industry is that we talk too much on radio, television and social media without given out any solution to the problems which the government can depend on to help or solve the challenges of the creative arts industry.

Ever since AfrimaAwards was hosted in Ghana, most entertainment pundits sit on radio just to speak against the award scheme without any better reasons why we shouldn’t have hosted it. In this instance, how do we expect a serious government with lots of other responsibilities to take us serous?