Beef or No Beef? My Song ‘’Sakoaba’’ Is Not Directed at Kwaw Kese. I have No Beef With Him ..Says Kontihene

Contrary to public perception that Kontihene’s ‘’Sakoaba’’ is a song directed at Kwaw Kese, the hiplife artiste has disclosed to in an exclusive interview that the song isn’t directed at Kwaw Kese in any way.

According to Kontihene, even though ‘’Abodam atine nisu”, literally meaning ‘’madness erased’’, which he used in the song may seem directed at Kwaw Kese, he can confidently emphasize that he did not have Kwaw Kese in mind at the time of recording the song as he does not have any beef with him.

He noted that he cannot also stop people from having their own perception about the song and the fact that they believe the song is directed at Kwaw Kese based on the fact that some years back, they had been a ‘’supposed’’ beef between them.

Note that some years back, the ‘’supposed’’ beef between Kwaw Kese and Kontihene erupted after Kwaw Kese had released ‘’Oye Nonsense’’, a song in which he said “migizigi bra tema na b3 shw3, oy3 yawa”, a direct response to Kontihene’s ‘migizigi’’ song.

Listen to the portion of ‘Sakoaba’’ purported to be directed at Kwaw Kese:


Do you think the song is really directed at Kwaw Kese or not? Is this likely to re-ignite the beef between the two artistes? Would Kwaw Kese respond to Kontihene through a song?

Just keep your fingers will get in touch with Kwaw Kese soon and get his reaction to Kontihene’s song.