Nkasei’s Naa Kay Opens Up! I Nearly Got Jailed For Rape……I Wanted To Commit Suicide Out of Depression

A member of the defunct Nkasei group noted for the “yefri tuobodom’ ‘Naa Kay has opened up to showbizpunch.com in an exclusive interview about how he nearly ended up in prison for seven years and how he even wanted to commit suicide due to depression.

According to Naa Kay, in the year 2012, he was accused by a German lady for rape and when convicted, he would have spent about seven years in prison.

He noted that, that time was a very difficult period for him but that marked a revolution in his life as he got closer to God. Miraculously, God saved him from going to prison as a principal witness on the side of the accuser refused to make a statement on the day of the trial even though she had been asked to do so.

After several delays for the case to be heard in court, the case was called off and Naa Kay once became a free man. If that witness had spoken at the trial, Naa Kay would have eventually ended up in prison for seven years and his entire family deported to Ghana.

Even though God miraculously saved him from that rape charge, Naa Kay reverted to his old lifestyle and sometime later had to spend about three weeks in a hospital due to depression and the fact that he felt like committing suicide.

Once again, God came to his rescue and that marked a major turnaround in his life as he gave his life to Jesus Christ and eventually took the decision to do Gospel music.