Funny Photo: Sarkodie ”Caught” Off-Guard As He Yawns

This picture depicts Sarkodie at a place, seated and probably yawning out of tiredness and it seems to be getting viral.

Sometimes we forget that our celebrities just like Sarkodie are humans like we are and do all the things we do.

They brush their teeth, take their bath,visit the toilet and do anything any other human being does but we are sometimes carried away when we see our celebrities do certain things we never expected.

Sarkodie is seen in this picture yawning which is normal of any person. However, the expectation is that he should have covered his mouth as he yawned which wasn’t the case.

What do you think about the picture? Is it funny? Did Sarkodie do ”yawa”? Isn’t Sarkodie still a gentlemen despite what you see in the picture?