Reggie Rockstone Responds To George Quaye Over NIVEA Attack

Hiplife Grandpapa , Reggie Rockstone has sharply responded to George Quaye over the NIVEA Attack.

Based on a story captioned ‘’NIVEA Attack-Fuse ODG Goofed’’ attributed to George Quaye and published on,Television personality and communication expert, George Quaye emphasized that Fuse ODG’s attack on a NIVEA product could have been shunned if the artiste had investigated on the communication style and product history of the producers .

According to George Quaye, Fuse ODG and the other campaigners overreacted.

Fuse ODG on Wednesday mounted a campaign against the NIVEA Natural Fairness Body Lotion, calling on Nivea to pull down its billboards that seem to suggest it is best for one to have a fairer skin.

Speaking on Daybreak Hitz, Thursday October 19,2017,find below exactly what George Quaye said :

“When you are going to criticize a product or an ad, you need to check the product history and their communication style over the years. Anybody that uses Nivea will tell you that when they are doing their adverts, they do not necessarily speak to the effects of using the product.

They speak to the skin type that should use the product. I have seen one that actually says, ‘for dry skin’. Some even have ‘for very dry skin’. Are you telling me that if I use that product, my skin is going to get dry?” he queried.

If Fuse had done a little research on the product history, communication style over the years, he probably wouldn’t have taken the tangent he did take. Are we saying we don’t have people with visibly light skin in Ghana?

What about Nadia Buari, Joselyn Duma? They have lighter skin. What is wrong with producing a product that will get that skin for being damaged? I think he overacted a little bit,” he added.

However, Reggie Rockstone has in an exclusive interview with responded to George Quaye.

Find below his response:

”Bra Quaye with all African respect you are missing the point entirely by claiming “professionalism” e.g. “objective research” as the basis for understanding the advert as essentially “harmless” and our reactions and responses as an “over reaction” bro!

Simply because a product says something doesn’t mean it is true, and if true, true for whom? You refer to Nivea saying their products may indicate use on dry skin, or extra dry skin, yet Nivea themselves admit to having a bleaching agent that is directed specifically at melanin!! Africans are melanin rich by DNA!

Light skinned Africans are the exceptions not the Rule, and any scientist will tell you that the “exception does not make the rule”. Moreover, Nivea is a European based company that markets its products around the world and the criteria for creation of its products was originally for Europeans with little melanin and UV sensitive skin.

Therefore, to claim its product line is universally applicable to all types of melanin rich skin is only partially true, it’s more effective on people with melanin deficient skin. THIS AD IS VISIBLY “UNFAIR ” AND DISRESPECTFUL AND NO WE ARE ALL NOT CRAZY FOR SEEING THIS THANK YOU??#PULLITDOWNNOW”.