Saayoooo!!!!!!Patapaa ‘’Runs’’ Away From The Media ….Decides Not To Grant Any Interview

Without any doubt, the current hit song on the music scene is ‘’One Corner’’ from the Swedru-based artiste known as Patapaa. The song can be heard on all streets of the country as well as in all clubs. ‘’One Corner’’ is also very popular on social media as many people including celebrities have been uploading their own version of the ‘’one corner’’ dance.

As a matter of fact, the song is accompanied by a dance that requires that one secludes one’s self in a corner and perform a sexually stimulating dance.

Due to sudden rise to stardom of Patapaa, the Swedru-based artiste has had the opportunity to perform on several platforms and has also been interviewed by several media men and media houses.

However, exclusive information available to indicates that Patapaa and his management team have decided not to grant any interview to any media house at least for now.

When tried to find out what the main reason is for such a decision, the management of Patapaa indicated that the decision had to be taken based on their own plans they have.