Sad Truth: Epixode Performed To 2 Million People Without Any Payment

Ghana’s promising Dancehall artiste and great performer, Epixode has confirmed to your reliable that he deems it a blessing to have had the rare opportunity to perform to a crowd of about 2 million people during the Harare International Festival of the Arts in Zimbabwe even though he wasn’t paid any money.

‘’It’s a great feeling. Within all the years of my career, this is the biggest platform I have performed on. It’s a much of a blessing because it’s not the usual Ghanaian crowd I perform for. These are people who have different cultures, these are people who even when it comes to Reggae Dancehall, have different tastes from what we have in Ghana.

To perform to such a crowd is a plus to me as well as Ghana because giving them what Dancehall from the Western side of Africa feels like is a blessing. I can’t really explain how it feels like but it’s a blessing to be on that platform to even rock shoulders with their legends.

To talk about monetary terms, with the Harare International Festival of the Arts, what usually is done is that every year, you have performers coming from different parts of the world. This year’s event had 25 countries and I was the only West African artiste.

I wasn’t paid because the record label that took me to the event financed my trip and I don’t think the event is a platform where artistes are paid but then it just offers an artiste the opportunity to exhibit whatever talent he has.’’


According to Epixode, upon arriving in Zimbabwe, he performed at the Launch of the Harare International Festival of the Arts and was witnessed by so many dignitaries including the Vice President of Zimbabwe as well as Ministers of State and it served as an avenue for the various countries to display their culture before the main event that had over 2 million people in attendance.

Epixode also disclosed to that through the event, he linked up with so many other artistes and very soon some of the collaborations he had would be released. He also featured on a song by one of Zimbabwe’s A-List rappers called Stunner.