Shania Naa Yemoteley Yemoh…..The Greatest And Best Actress Celebrities Are Talking About Now

You may have seen so many icons but one you are yet to see more of and experience is the beautiful Shania Naa Yemoteley Yemoh.

Even though she has not been on the scene for long, many celebrities within the movie industry are talking about her with emphasis on her talent and prowess in acting and the fact that she is actress to look out for.

She can be best described as an actress ,commercial model as well as a fashion designer.

Shania manages her own clothing line at the moment and its called Stay Humble Collections. She is also with Nice One Production; played a role in Tales of High School which is currently aired on GTV.

Shania also played the role of an extra in the Yolo season 5 which is currently airing on TV3.

As a commercial model,Shania is looking forward to get featured in more commercials but for now ,she is part of a poolside talk show by Star times Adepa TV as a guest.

For the clothing line,its more of a dream come true as she has always nurtured that ambition of being a Fashion designer with a clothing line when she was in Senior High School.

For Shania ,to be an actress in Ghana is not that easy because most directors and producers want ‘bad’ girls so it becomes very difficult to breakthrough if you are decent not to think about getting well-paid jobs.

Shania is however optimistic and she is so much poised to be the next big thing in Ghana so far as acting,modelling and fashion designing is concerned.

‘And I’ll encourage organizations and the Ghana Educational Service to support and sponsor some programs on TV such as Tales of High School as it speaks a lot
about things that happen in schools’, Shania noted .

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