Take Countryman Songo’s ‘’Fire For Fire’’ Off-Air Now!!!

Every TV program has its own style and the benefits that need to be derived from it. Again, every TV program is impacted by the persona of the host which goes a long way to determine if that program becomes successful or otherwise.

It is also a step in the right direction if we have our own locally made programs on our TVs but it is urgent that we make frantic efforts to ensure that such programs are well-thought out and styled to make an impact in society and serve as an agent of change.

Adom TV’s Fire for Fire has been on air for some years now and as a matter of fact, this sports program has won several awards but I need to pinpoint certain things that do not augur well for the show. As Ghanaians, we all cherish freedom of speech but that does not mean we shouldn’t be responsible in our utterances. I stand to be corrected but in almost all editions of Fire for Fire, the host of the show, Countryman Songo, his assistants and the managers of Adom TV all do Ghanaians a disservice.

My issue is simple. Fire for Fire is a platform that offers sports lovers and Ghanaians in general the opportunity to air their opinions about Sports Administration in the country but I don’t understand why such an opportunity to exercise freedom of speech should be done in irresponsibility and in the spirit of insults…yes blatant insults!!!

For how long would Countryman Songo be allowed to continue attacking the personalities of people? Can’t he run the show without necessarily insulting people any how he wants? Is he just above the law? Can’t he be decorous with his choice of words and the manner through which he airs his views? Quite surprisingly, just because of the way he insults people easily on his show, his viewers also decide to use insulting words whenever they phone-in to make their opinion known.

The choice of words by these callers is totally unacceptable and it’s quite distressing and unacceptable to realize that the host of the show, Countryman Songo, is unable to do anything about it. How can he guide them when he is also good at insults? Listening analytically to most of his shows, it’s quite evident that Countryman Songo provokes his viewers and callers to agree with his judgement on issues and it’s also quite certain that anyone who has a divergent opinion would not feel at ease calling into the show.

This childishness and recklessness needs to be clogged with all insistence. Can’t we make our opinion known without using insults? Management of Adom TV should sit up and do the right thing. For me, even though Fire for Fire has been able to win some awards, I would go ahead and say ”shame”. Stop the insults and you would earn my respect. Probably Countryman Songo wants to be tagged as the King of Insults. If Fire for Fire cannot do without insults, then it should be taken off the airwaves….