Trigmatic Becomes ‘’Music Teacher’’

Radio Presenter and rap artiste, Trigmatic, has commenced the Matic Music Club aimed at grooming young kids in the art of music and also help them develop other skills as well.

He confirmed to that the project was born out of his study in Spain and Italy and he sincerely believes music is a profession which needs to be taught.

Currently financing the whole project all by himself, Trigmatic will start with his alma mater St. Martin de Porres when he gets a good number of kids registering for the project.

Trigmatic has about 10 teachers each teaching the kids how to play a musical instrument and pays each of them with a token from the proceeds of sale of Matic Music Club- branded Caps and T-shirts.

He also disclosed to showbizpunch. Com that not only would Matic Music Club teach the kids the art of music but would ensure that each kid’s confidence level is boosted especially those who are “condemned” and ‘ridiculed’ by their parents, teachers and mates.