Trigmatic Defends Artistes! They Do Not Live Fake Lives

The Rap Icon of Ghana, Trigmatic has disclosed to in an exclusive interview that most artistes in the country do not live fake lives but rather live their lives according to the demands of fans ,family and friends adding that the life of an artiste is always staged.

When asked what may have accounted for this, the “sika” hit maker noted that pressure from fans, family and friends, the thought of keeping up, ignorance as well as personality flaws can be fingered.

In order to live a very comfortable life and not per the demands of fans, family and friends, this is what Trigmatic said with respect to how artistes can make money:

“Artistes can make money in so many ways. Often the mind of the artiste is clouded by his passion for music and wanting to be known as the hero for his craft so even when it’s failing he/she clings to it.

In life talent doesn’t necessarily make rich but how it’s managed. Music is business too and the connection has always been there. Unfortunately, in our side of the world, we treat it more like a hobby than a profession. Artiste have made lots of money through music.

Musicians must liaise with managers and business/ corporate players and they can use their brands to branch into other industries and markets easily. In our world where artistes have become major influencers, artistes can position themselves well to be used in pushing products.

Artiste can sell their merchandise using their star power. Once you become a Hit, it means you are giving the market Something. Know that which they love about you and give them more. Create your own shows.

Most importantly, know that you are a product or better still a brand.’’

Showbizpunch. Com also asked Trigmatic if it’s realistic and possible for artistes to live comfortably with income solely from music and this is what he said:

“It is very realistic. The job of the artiste is to create and once done, it is another man’s job to sell what he’s created. He’s to be paid a lot for his work and must be comfortable. In this side of the world, that may not be the case.

But it doesn’t make it unrealistic because some artistes have made a living making solely music. Know that when you are doing anything away from recording and releasing music but using your brand to make extra, you are still making a living off music “.