TV3’s Music Music Should Rebrand Again!

Unusual of me, I was at TV3’s Music Music and there were a few things I observed from the back.

First of all, all the artistes in the persons of Dada Hafco, Paa Kwesi of Dobble fame and one other artiste from Kasoa were on top of their game regarding performance, delivery etc. They really wowed the crowd.

Unfortunately, attendance could have been better. Well, I am sure that can be blamed on UCL.

Indiscipline on the part of the attendees was just uncalled for. They could just climb the stage, misbehave and even go scot free when the show was live on television. Fortunately, one of the organisers cautioned them against that. I saw almost every guy drinking in the auditorium and I was like really?

My biggest issue was one of the MCs on the night. A gentleman named Nana Kwame(if I am not mistaking) and Benedicta Gafah were the drivers of the show. The gentleman saved the night and trust me Benedicta Gafah was just miserable and awful.

Was the MC job imposed on her? Yes, I think so. If not, why has she been maintained as an MC for the show over the months with this performance?

So, the organisers of Music Music haven’t seen her abysmal performance over the months since it was rebranded?

Gafah is known for her movie roles and maybe that is what she should concentrate on. Her interaction with the audience was so preposterous that, at a point I felt like crying for her.

The voice to even scream MUSIC MUSIC, wasn’t even there. Her microphone technique, very bad. I mean, the organisers can’t teach her these very basic things, if really they want to maintain her as one of the MCs for the show?

When she had the opportunity to engage Dada Hafco after his performance, that confirmed everything I had in mind about her. She is simply not ready and suitable for the MC job.

Her questions were too straight forward without any premise. Obviously, she rehearsed the questions even though they were written down.

She was simply dry in her delivery. No excitement, I mean nothing. Oh boy!! From what I have seen, Benedicta Gafah has to really work on herself. Unless, the organisers don’t just care.

Yes, the movie industry is a bit dormant, thanks to Ola Michael, Kofi Asamoah among who are doing everything possible to revive it. But let’s find something else for her to do or make sure she improves if really she still wants to host the show.

Ask yourself when last you watched Music Music.

Music Music used to be very big with Bola Ray, Stacey, and even Gloria Sarfo (at least she tried) among other names.

But with Benedicta Gafah, organisers of Music Music, please come again!

She is simply boring to host such a show.

Music Music
It’s Not Big.

Written By: Isaac Kpogeh

Entertainment Journalist/Critic