……When A Twitter User Takes You To School

Sometimes, I think been a celebrity in Ghana or maybe all over the world comes with its own challenges while others think you have all things  perfect all time.

Been perfect or at least ‘knowing it all’ is what a twitter user expected from Ghana’s fastest rapper and multiple award winning artist Sarkodie.

In an innocuous attempt to sympathise with the lost of  American rapper Nipsey Hussle who died on April 1, Sarkodie described the rapper as a business mogul and the choice of words did not go down well with a fellow Twitter user.

A twitter user with the user name @AbbanyawYaw, did not agree with the use of business mogul to describe the dead rapper and decided to take everyone  to school about who and what makes one a business mogul.

You can read through some of the screenshots and replies below.

Its good we all learn each day and mistakes are just proof that we are doing something….