VGMAs Saga: Cool Heads Must Prevail!

I think no one should be surprised with the turnout of events yesterday during the 20th Vodafone Ghana Music Awards celebration.

If you are, then you do not understand what “gansterism” and “beefs” in the music industry can gradually degenerate into.I am happy for one thing though.

That what happened in the early hours of today occurred in the full glare of the whole world and was broadcasted live. Can you imagine what would have happened if it occurred in the small slums where majority of both Stonebwoy or Shatta Wale’s fan base reside?

It will have been bloody with causalities recorded perhaps.

Just in case you don’t know the story, let me give you a brief summary. Stonebwoy was on stage to pick up his award for Reggae Artiste. Suddenly Shatta Wale, his competitor in the same Artiste category mounted the stage flanged by a number of his fans.

This did not go down well with manager of Stonebwoy, Blakk Cedi, and this turned into a fierce fight. Stone bwoy at a point in time pulled out a gun with reasons later explained as in self-defense.

Shatta Wale subsequently says he mounted the stage to congratulate Stonebwoy even though I humbly think it was unnecessary.

Your name (Shatta Wale) was mentioned as recipient of two initial awards which you failed to pick up on stage. I am hence at a loss why you will want to congratulate your competitor just in the moments when he was giving his acceptance speech.

Again Shatta, there is something called body language in the field of communication. It usually carries a lot of weight compared even to uttered words. Your demeanor whiles’ climbing up the stage was nothing close to a friendly one.

You need to master a few things as a “professional musician” which for me includes body language. Also most importantly is the attitude of calmness.

A true leader is one who is able to talk his followers in and out of situation when it arises. Whiles the confusion was raging on stage, you were seen standing aloof at one side. If indeed you had true good intentions, you will call your fans to order.

Lovers of music in Ghana deserve better from both artistes. This has to be the end of the road for this thing you guys call a “beef”.

Well I don’t need to tell any of you what to do but going forward, your security should be paramount to you. Even the legendary Arnold Schwarzenegger was recently attacked in South Africa under bizarre circumstances.

Your fans need to be talked to on how they handle issues concerning things you put up on social media. You guys claim you are friends behind closed doors.

Well if this is true, this is the time to show it to the world and stop this useless attitude.
To Charterhouse, organizers of the award ceremony, you failed with security management of the awards.

Did you search everyone who entered the Dome? If you did, did you allow the gun (s) into the premise of the Dome?

In an event of a stampede, did you have contingency measures and health professionals on standby? Well these questions and more should inform the planning of your next awards and other events going forward.

To the various blogging sites, you have to be professional and responsible in your information dissemination. I know most of you are not trained journalists, but you owe it to yourself and Ghanaians to learn the tenants of the profession and practice accordingly.

God bless Ghana.