Video: Jay Foley Speaks On Madina Atomic Junction Gas Explosion

Radio and Television Presenter,Jay Foley has made his opinion known about the Madina Atomic Junction Gas Explosion which occurred on Saturday and has so far claimed the lives of 6 people and many others at the 37 Military Hospital with various degree of injuries.

Find below exactly what he wrote on social media(unedited):

It’s about time we got real with ourselves. I recall about 20years ago, a relative of mine who was with MOBIL OIL GHANA LTD would take us on his trips across the country when he was ensuring all the Filling Stations are adhering to safety rules and regulations.

It was so satisfying to see the level of commitment to the job. I remember they were constantly training the staff of the stations on safety measures to ensure proper discharging of fuel.
What has changed? You drive in to a filling station and attendants can’t even tell u to get off the phone while filling your tank.

You go to filling stations and they have become taxi ranks and trotro stations. I mean how can we sit back and act so insensitive to ourselves. Why do we take pride in indiscipline in Ghana. Why do we take everything as a joke. It’s getting out of hand. From people driving terribly on the roads… you’d see commercial drivers loading their cars at the point where the road sign says NO PARKING.

What has gotten into us. I think this is getting demonic. We are creating a perfect hub to attract all kinds of crime with the level of indiscipline in this country. Can’t we get anything right?

Look at what happened at circle and in Takoradi. Now see Atomic. Why won’t that happen when we have turned 2 filling stations by a UNIVERSITY into khebab stands and loading station. How? With so much indiscipline. The irony of even calling the area Atomic. Smh.

We don’t need GOD. We need displined leaders, for as they Say, HEAVEN HELPS THOSE WHO HELP THEMSELVES.
GOD has blessed this land with everything including warm temperature and sunshine and oil. What else do we want.

Greed will kill us.
Maybe Kwame Nkrumah should have explained the sentence, “GHANA IS FREE FOREVER”
We clearly didn’t understand him.Smh