Video: Quarme Zaggy Soars Higher With ‘’Highlife’’

Take it or leave it but just like the speed of wind, Ghana’s authentic highlife music is fast taking over the music scene and with the presence of talented highlife artiste, Quarme Zaggy, music lovers will have the best of highlife music to please their ears.

Quarme Zaggy is one of Ghana’s best crop of highlife artistes who are currently holding high the flag of Highlife music and to buttress that point, he has released a new song titled ” highlife” which is impressively receiving Massive airplay and positive reviews all around the country.

The song produced by Ato and also features Paa Kwesi (Dobble fame) was recently reviewed by iconic entertainment journalist and music review expert, Kwame Dadzie of

Find below some of the positive comments passed by Kwame Dadzie with respect to Quarme Zaggy’s “highlife”:


Instrumentation and production: Quarme Zaggy’s ‘Highlife’ has a very electrifying highlife beat ably produced by A.T.O. It is done in Key G Major and contains typical Sikyi highlife accompaniments. Whoever played the bass guitar did marvellously well.

Message: Quarme Zaggy’s ‘Highlife’ simply eulogises highlife and talks about how it is loved by most people. In the song Quarme intimates that highlife will never die. It then summarizes the various types of highlife we have and also mentions some of the highlife greats in the music industry. Quarme mentions how highlife moves feet and brings happiness to music lovers. Most importantly, it points out that there is a dance type that goes with highlife. Like most music forms, highlife also has its corresponding dance.

Vocal Delivery: Quarme Zaggy has a soothing voice and what makes it fun to listen to him is his ability to act with his voice. He makes his voice paint a picture of what he conveys in his message. Paa Kwasi also brings his enticing vocal delivery to bear on the song as he helps Quarme to tell the highlife story.

Marketability: Quarme Zaggy chooses an ‘ancient’ style of highlife, modernizes it – and that makes his song unique. It is very danceable, has catchy hooks and sweet melodies. These make it more commercial than Kumi’s ‘Dream.’

The minuses: I think that Quarme should not have left out a whole giant as Daddy Lumba when he was mentioning the highlife greats Ghana has had. He is a very big force in highlife whose contribution to contemporary highlife cannot be overlooked.

Watch the Highlife Video Below: