Video: Reggie Rockstone Calls For Legalization Of Wee

Hiplife Grandpapa and member of VVIP, Reggie Rockstone has added his voice in support of the call for the legalization of wee .Already, Blakk Rasta is campaigning for the legalization of wee.

According to him,wee has been in existence for a long time with so many economies generating so much revenue from it and therefore does not see why wee should not be legalized.

Reggie Rockstone made this known in an exclusive interview he granted Peace 104.3fm some days back.

Reggie Rockstone also noted that comparing alcohol to wee,he has seen so many people misbehave after drinking alcohol but same cannot be said of wee. According to him,so many people are already smoking wee and as such,steps should be taken to legalize it considering the medicinal benefits it also possesses.

Watch the full interview below: