How Well Do We Cherish And Celebrate Our Stars? See And Read What Someone Wrote About JQ On Social Media..

Some years back, JQ was the best and hottest recording engineer on the music scene. Most of the hit songs of most artistes at that time had the magical hands of JQ on it. He was just a gem and without any doubt, he really made a positive mark on the music scene.

However, in as much as so much information is currently not available about JQ as to whether he is still into music or not, it seems like he has been forgotten and it’s quite disheartening to say the least. Is it that we have forgotten about all the hit songs he produced as well as all the artistes he nurtured into stars?

Not too long ago, some artistes (won’t mention names) decided to celebrate another great recording engineer but till date it has not come to pass. Do these artistes really appreciate the help offered them some years back when they were ‘’nobodies’’? Are we waiting for these important people within our entertainment landscape to die before we celebrate them and accord them the needed recognition?

I won’t say much but it’s about we change this bad attitude of ours. In our own small way, let’s celebrate our stars and let them feel loved and appreciated.

Find below exactly what was written about JQ by Shadrack Amonoo Crabe on Facebook: