Will Wutah Ever Release Official Music Video For ‘’Bronya’’?

After several calls for Wutah Kobby and Afriyie to reunite as Wutah after they had gone their separate ways to start their solo music careers,the two gentlemen made the best decision of their lives when they finally did and release the song titled ”AK47″.

The song was doing quite well on the music scene but the release of “Bronya” cemented the resurrection of Wutah and their re-arrival onto the music scene.

Without any doubt “Bronya” is a hit song and the song is receiving massive airplay all over the country and the gentlemen are also getting the chance to perform at a lot of events all over the country too.

However, one significant thing noticed is the fact that Bronya does not as at now have an official music video.

In these modern times,most musicians work on both the audio and music video of a song and then release them simultaneously but with Wutah’s Bronya,music lovers and fans are yet to see the official music video.

Its not so clear if Wutah has decided not to shoot any music video for the song or they have already shot the music video but they are yet to release it.

Its also not clear if they are yet to shoot the music video but one thing that is quite obvious is the fact that the release of an official music video will re-ignite the passion people have for the song .

This will ensure that the song still remains relevant,enjoy more airplay now and during the period of Christmas which is more than two months away and even after the Christmas festivities.